Our Annual Gathering held on Sunday, 14 January was a huge success. We were based at Herald Island Domain with a beautifully renovated old fire station. The gathering was attended by 26 people, including current and past LISMS members and their families.

Group photo of the annual gathering

People in the group photo:
  • 1st row (seated, from left to right): 1.Maneli Aheleroff(Shohin’s daughter), 2.Wei Cui(Professor Xu’s wife), 3,4.Amy and Jasper (Yuqian’s wife and son), 5.Summer Xia, 6,7.Zexuan Zhu (Martin) and his daughter (Fanta), 8,9.Tang Ji and his son (Dylan), 10.Wanqing (King) Xia;
  • 2nd row (from left to right): 11.Anton Averyanov, 12.Shohin Aheleroff, 13.Somayeh Montaseri(Shohin’s wife),14.Yuanyuan Hu(Martin’s wife), 15.Professor Xun Xu, 16.Ruoxi Li(Tang’s wife), 17.Sarah Huang, 18.Yupeng Xin, 19.Cheng Wang, 20.Zhaojun Qin;
  • 3rd row (from left to right): 21.Jan Polzer, 22.Saahil Chand, 23.Yuqian Lu, 24.Lilly Peng, 25.Zhe Zhang, 26.David Tomzik.

The activities included a quiz, an outdoor table tennis tournament, a fun-photo competition, and casual frisbee, basketball and volleyball play.

Gathering Events

Winners of the day:
Outdoor Table Tennis Tournament Winners:
  • First Place: Huiyue Huang
  • Second Place: Professor Xun Xu
  • Third Place: Wanqing Xia
Fun Photo Competition Winners:
  • First Pace: Wei Cui
  • Second place: Wanqing Xia
  • Third place: Somayeh Montaseri
Heroes of the day (Left: Outdoor Table Tennis Tournament winners, Right: Fun Picture competition winners)

Winners of the day (Left: Outdoor Table Tennis Tournament Winners, Right: Fun Photo Competition Winners)

We were blessed with the beautiful weather after a long spell of recent rainy and windy days in Auckland. We are grateful to the organisers, Anton, Saahil and Martin. Without their careful planning, the event would not have been such a success. We would also like to thank those who attended and helped run the event.

We look forward to a happy and successful year ahead and of course another group gathering toward the end of the year or the beginning of the next.