MECHENG 754: Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing


Course Prescription

New information technologies and their applications in manufacturing enterprises, including introduction to Industry 4.0, product modelling technologies, smart manufacturing systems, industrial IoT sensing and data analysis technologies, digital twins and applications of RFID in a modern manufacturing setting.

Course Overview

This course aims to provide an overview of Industry 4.0 with a specific focus on manufacturing companies that are planning for, or on the path of, digital transformation. The offering will also introduce some tools and models for Industry 4.0 readiness assessment. Some local case studies will be presented.
The course introduces essential Industrial IoT sensing, communication and data analysis technologies with a focus on industrial/manufacturing automation applications. Students are expected to gain basic knowledge of evaluating these technologies and designing a simple IoT application in an industrial context.
This course also explains the technology of “Digital Twins” and how Digital Twins can be used in industrial applications.  Digital Twins are able to make decisions independently, use model simulations and communicate with other Digital Twins and the production plant. Digital Twins-enabled, decentralized and autonomous optimization will be covered.
The course is closely attached to the Laboratory for Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Systems (LISMS) – the country’s first Industry 4.0 Lab – where a Learning Factory is in operation.